Expertise and consulting, gastronomic testers

We will support you and your project team with new constructions and renovation projects. We will be by your side during the implementation of your complex concepts and will manage project development for you. When doing so, we rely on our decades of experience as well as our extensive network, which we will make available to you. We are available at any time and any place and will support you to the best of our efforts.


Expertisen und Beratung


The following four essential steps are part of successful and efficient consulting:


  • At the beginning, the problem is defined, the order analyzed and a precise evaluation of the current situation carried out.
  • Based on the findings, a well-founded and strategic objective is set.
  • Only then will the creative design and development of a transparent, logical, and realizable operating project follow.
  • Finally, a profit-oriented concept is developed and implemented.


Gemasy offers all these steps individually, adjusted to your organizational structure, with full support and from a single source.


Mystery shopping, gastronomic testers

Present yourself to make a mark

Your company is your statement, your brand, your being. Do you really know yourself as others see you? As guests on site, we will help you to reflect, take stock, and log data specific to catering as well as information desired by you regarding service, kitchen, and personnel. We look for evaluations of your establishment in various portals online and, as gastronomic testers, we prepare an analysis of your current situation.


Open positions in the system will be evaluated, after which we will jointly develop concepts to create an external image that befits you and your establishment.




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