Service for catering and building management

We have made it our mission to efficiently and cost-effectively bundle all services we offer for building management to provide the best possible service despite increasing cost pressure. Technical building management, adjusted to your operating organization Individualized support with flexible, transparent, and suitable services. From the maintenance of small objects to comprehensive facility management, a one-stop-shop managing your assets. One contact partner means one person who is responsible and one invoice for your facilities. We will show you which service costs can be reduced and on which areas you should focus.


Together, we will find customized solutions, tailor-made for your needs. When taking a works tour, our trained eyes will immediately see what needs to change, where services can be reduced, and where costs can be saved – permanently.


Service für Gastronomie und Gebäude


Cost factor “operating costs”

Buildings today are generally built with a service life of up to 100 years. During its “lifetime,” a building will pass through several life cycles. Compared with the construction of the building, it is the operating costs which will take up most of the investments. Usually, approximately 80% of costs are operating costs. In consideration of this fact, it is well worth looking for ways to reduce these costs during the planning phase. In many cases, the small details end up costing a lot of money in the long run.



Building services

Smooth operations save money

Building services and technology play a crucial role in many buildings and require a versatile skill set. Smooth operations save costs, ensure that core business processes can be carried out safely in commercial buildings, and result in happy tenants and owners in private and commercial buildings.


We make sure that the necessary maintenance work is carried out, we monitor the progress of services required on site, and we inform you of necessary or upcoming maintenance work. At the same time, we will inform you immediately in case of damages and initiate the necessary repairs.



Reducing energy use

One clear objective of our sustainable approach to managing buildings is the reduction of energy use. We provide a detailed management analysis for optimizing costs and resources and identify saving potentials in doing so. We will then develop the right measures together to make your energy use more efficient.



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